F.A.Qs on Operational Procedures at Cameron Toll Shopping Centre

Updated 27th April 2022

Are there hand sanitizers in the centre?

Yes, we have hand sanitizers stations around the centre. We ask that everyone use them as they arrive and leave.

Where can you park?

The centre provides over 1000 parking spaces. There are also disabled and parent & child spaces at both our North and South entrances.

Toilet Facilities

The Centre’s toilets are open between the hours of 07.30am – 19.00pm seven days a week. Our disabled/baby changing facility is available at all times.

Is there seating available?

We do have benches throughout the mall.

How can I shop at Argos Click & Collect?

The Argos Click & Collect is located within our Sainsburys store. Access is gained through Sainsburys and to the rear of the store.

Where do I collect my Sainsbury’s Click & Collect shopping?

The Sainsburys Click & Collect truck is parked in our South Car Park beside the fuel station. There are signs around the carpark with directions.

Who do I contact if I have lost property while at Cameron Toll?

We will only be storing lost wallets, bank cards and mobile phones. All other lost property will not be stored and will be securely disposed of with all the centre’s waste, so we urge the public to take care of their personal property while visiting. If you think you may have lost a wallet/purse, bank card or mobile phone in the centre you can phone our office on 0131 666 2777 and be transferred to security to check.

Are there wheelchairs on site?

Unfortunately, we do not provide wheelchairs at this time. If shoppers require wheelchairs, we encourage them to bring them when they visit. Motorised scooters are available by advanced booking only with “Shop Mobility”. To book one, please phone them on 07970100407. All bookings will require certain criteria and as directed by Shop Mobility.

Where is the nearest recycling centre?

Recycling facilities are located on the Old Dalkeith Road within half a mile of Cameron Toll. Please book ahead on their website

If I take ill when I am in the centre what do I do?

If anyone feels ill in the centre should alert a member of our staff.  If required, we will of course contact the emergency services to attend.

Can I enter the centre at both entrances?

Yes, both entrances can be used for entering and exiting.

How can I contact the stores directly?

You will need to use the contact information on our Shops page. Most will have a direct number or a website. The Cameron Toll Management Suite is unable to transfer calls to the stores.

Can I lease a trading space in the mall?

Our mall trading spaces are leased through “Space to Trade”. Please email Lynn Carmichael – lynn.carmichael@spacetotrade.co.uk – with your query and she can advise.