Funding Support for Young People’s Charity

Supporting children and young people aged from 5-25 who suffer from impaired or delayed speech and language is core to the services The Speech Language Communication Co (SLCo) charity provides and when they contacted Cameron Toll to ask for assistance for its new fundraising appeal we were pleased to do so.

SLCo is Scotland’s only charity set up to support the needs of children and young people who experience speech, language and communication problems and make sure that their families get the help and guidance they need.  It offers a range of evidence-based therapeutic, skills and activity-based support for children and young people.

Lauren Quinn from SLCo said: “The young people who attend our clubs in South Edinburgh do so to gain support in their speech and language development, which for a whole host of reasons can be impaired or delayed.  Children and young people who experience barriers due to their lack of speech language and communication are disadvantaged. These SLC disabilities are known as ‘hidden disabilities. They’re not always seen.  The support from Cameron Toll’s Community Fund will be a great assistance in helping the children that attend our clubs.  We’ll be using the funds to purchase board games which will be chosen by the children themselves.”

Claire Jefcoate, Cameron Toll Centre Manager, said: “Helping young people gain communication skills that most of us take for granted is really important and we’re happy to be able to support the work that SLCo does in South Edinburgh.”

SLCo runs its Story Club for age 5-11, Brick Club for age 6-18 and Chill Club for age 16-25 and 1-2-1 support for children, young people, and their families.

To find out more about SLCo and its information, guidance and support service for parents and carers please visit or follow them on Facebook at