Braid Scouts Receive Badge Boost

Building confidence, creating friendships and learning new skills is at the heart of the local 139th Braid Scout group.

The troop has been a member of the Scout Association for the last 62 years teaching children in South Edinburgh, who are a mixed group of all abilities, life skills through a wide range of activities throughout the year.

One big element of Scouting life is earning badges and attending annual camps which lets children complete badges they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. However, camps can be expensive to attend so the troop applied to the Cameron Toll Community Fund for support.

Claire Jefcoate, centre manager at Cameron Toll said: “This year will be the first time since the Covid pandemic that the 139th Braid Scout group will have a summer camp and the costs are significant for families. We are delighted to be able to contribute to the costs which will allow more members to attend camp and to ensure that lifelong friendships are developed and that the Scouts will learn more life skills by achieving more badges.”

The 139th Braid Scout group are very active in giving back to the community itself having raised a total of £21,848.84 worth of food in 2023 for small, local foodbanks.

Groups and organisations interested in making an application to the Cameron Toll Community Fund should visit here to complete an application form.