F.A.Qs on Operational Procedures at Cameron Toll Shopping Centre

Updated 20 April 2021

Are there hand sanitizers in the centre?

Yes, we have hand sanitizers stations positioned at nine separate locations around the centre. There are two at each entrance and exit to the centre and we ask that everyone use them as they arrive and leave.

Where can you park?

The centre is surrounded by hundreds of car spaces. There are also disabled and parent & child spaces at both our North and South entrances.

Are the toilets available?

Due to the strict COVID 19 guidelines we are operating under at the moment and for the safety of shoppers and staff, the Centre’s toilets are only open between the hours of 10.00pm – 17.00pm seven days a week however we do have one toilet available at all times which is a disabled/baby changing facility.

Is there seating available?

We have currently removed all seating benches on the mall to protect the public and our staff from the risk of contaminated surfaces. This decision is also to reduce the potential of people not social distancing and to encourage shoppers not to dwell in the Centre.

How can I collect my package at the collect plus desk?

The Cameron Toll Collect Plus Service is currently closed.  When it reopens it will look slightly different from before and the process for collecting will also be slightly changed too. The desk itself now has a clear screen in place to protect staff and shoppers and there will be social distancing lines on the floor to maintain the proper distance is kept. Staff will be wearing gloves and will place packages on the counter, and you will then step forward to collect it. We would encourage shoppers to use the hand sanitizers at the entrance and exit to the centre.

How can I shop at Argos Click & Collect?

The Argos Click & Collect is located in Sainsburys so to gain access to it you must join the social distancing queuing system for Sainsburys.

Where do I collect my Sainsbury’s Click & Collect shopping?

The Sainsburys Click & Collect truck is parked in our South Car Park beside the fuel station. There are signs around the carpark with directions.

Who do I contact if I have lost property while at Cameron Toll?

Due to the current coronavirus situation we will only be storing lost wallets, bank cards and mobile phones. All other lost property will not be stored and will be securely disposed of with all the centre’s waste so we urge the public to take care of their personal property while visiting. If you think you may have lost a wallet/purse, bank card or mobile phone in the centre you can phone our security office on 0131 666 2777 to check.

Are there wheelchairs on site?

Unfortunately, to protect the public and our staff from the risk of contaminated surfaces we have taken the difficult decision not to provide wheelchairs at this time. If shoppers require wheelchairs, we would encourage them to bring them when they visit. This situation will remain under review. Motorised scooters are available by advanced booking only with shop mobility, you can phone them on 0131 557 4123. All bookings will require certain criteria and as directed by shop mobility.

Can I use the recycling centre?

No. We have unfortunately closed off our recycling centre at this current time to reduce the risk to the public and our staff.

If I take ill when I am in the centre what do I do?

If anyone feels ill in the centre should alert a member of our staff.  Unfortunately, due to the current restrictions that coronavirus has created our staff will not be able to administer direct contact care to minimise any contamination between people, unless it is a clear emergency. We will of course contact the emergency services who will attend.

Does every shop have its own queueing system in place?

Every shop is responsible for implementing its own social distancing rules and how they operate safely, and we are confident they will do so properly and safely. The centre has spent a long time producing a set of guidelines to make visiting the centre in general as safe as possible and that has been shared with all retailers.

Are there floor markings in place throughout the centre?

Yes, there are markers prominently throughout the centre that will help people move around safely and keep within the social distancing rules that aim to keep everyone who visits and works here safe.

Are you limiting the number of people in the centre at any one time?

We are monitoring the number of people who are in the centre at any one time. If we start to reach the number of people in the centre that means safe social distancing is unlikely to be achieved, we will look to stop new visitors entering the centre until the numbers reduce. We have invested in new technology that will count the number of people coming in and out in real time so we will be able to respond very quickly if numbers get too high.

Can you make a shop close if it is not following the rules?

We are very confident that all shops are adhering to the Government guidelines and have spent considerable time putting systems in place to trade safely. If a retailer does not follow the rules, we would let them know very early on and ask them to alter the way they trade. If they continue not to do so Edinburgh Council’s Environmental Health team have the power to close businesses very quickly.

Do you have a procedure for dealing with shoppers who are not respecting the social distancing rules?

Our centre management and mall security team will be monitoring customer behaviour very closely and will address anyone behaving outside the guidelines immediately. Anyone who refuses to adhere to the rules that exist for everyone’s safety will be asked to leave the centre. We also have good links with the local police who will respond to anti-social behaviour very quickly.

Do I have to wear a face covering when I am in the mall?

The wearing of face coverings in all shops is mandatory and we would strongly encourage every visitor to the centre to wear a face covering in the mall too. 

Can I enter the centre at both entrances?

Yes, but all visitors should follow the one-way system in place which is clearly identified by floor markings.